A Walk in the Woods

This painting was selected as our November landscape class for several reasons.

First off it is a great fall scene and as such makes a nice wrap-up class for our 2014 painting classes.

I picked this painting deliberately to showcase the very first PBS TV program that Bob Ross did. For years his first year of PBS painting programs were not available for publication by Bob Ross Inc. after much negotiation BRI was able to acquire the rights for this programming know as Series 1.

As you may know Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting show ran from January 11, 1983 to May17, 1994 to air 403 half-hour episodes. These episodes were group into series with each series was put on a set of DVD’s. I have every DVD for all of the series. This, by the way, is one of the reasons I can, at Studio Thirty Eight, continue to provide a wide variety of painting class each year. More on this in another post – now back to a Walk in the Woods which is Episode 1, Series 1 of Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting TV broadcasts and the prime reason I picked this painting for this final class of 2014.

I made a few changes in the painting as you can see by the following 2 photos. I fond that the sky came out a little too green and I fond that the puddles on the path a bit on the large size. You can see the differences in these photos.

This is a copy of the Bob Ross painting.
This is a copy of the Bob Ross painting.


This is a copy of the Bob Ross painting from “The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross” book. I think that this painting was repainted as the original on the DVD seems quite different.




1-A Walk in the Woods Ian

This is my first attempt at this painting. Much darker that the copy above. It all seems to work.





My finished painting
My finished painting


This is the finished painting I did for the class. This is my step-by-step demo painting. Turned out quite good. I like the lighter colour, the smaller pools of water and the rocks.





I will post the student painting in three stages; the early stage, the mid progress stage, the almost finished stage and the finished painting.





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