I thought that as it is Easter that I would attempt to draw a cute-bunny. The reference photo comes from Paint My Photo, a copyright-free photo reference site with thousands and thousands of beautiful photos. The reference photo that I used was one of Glennis Weston’s photos of this cute-bunny.

For this project I thought it might be interesting for you to see my basic set-up and the pencils I use. I use a drawing board to actually draw on. I prefer a firm surface under my drawing paper and you can see my typical set up in photo 1. The basic pencils and tools I use are everything you would expect and they are shown in photos 2 and 3.

I like the Staedtler Mars Mars Technico 750 lead holder pencil with the 2mm leads. My reason for using this drawing tool as opposed to a standard wood lead pencil is simple. Every time you sharpen a wood pencil it gets shorter changing its balance, weight and length and for me this makes the drawing propose more complicated. So I have switched to these lead holders because regardless of the leads properties the pencil retains its weight, balance and length make it a very consistent instrument to draw with. So here I have some photos of my drawing set-up.


I am drawing this rabbit on Legion Paper. Visiting their web site is a treat and an opportunity to explore all of their wonderful papers. Although it is a little overwhelming. They have a great sample department where you can purchase samples of various papers. What I did some time ago, I admit, was to purchase their Drawing Papers Sampler, Vol 1, 8.5 x 11. For this project I am using the Lanaquarelle paper, 140 lb (300gsm), smooth, HP, white. Very nice paper for drawing.

You can my progress in the photos below. Lots of work to do yet but its coming.

Well here I am back at last and you can see the Cute-bunny finished as well as the back and the detail of the back.

The mounting was an experiment to see how this mounting process would work. What I did was glue the finished drawing of the bunny to a piece of hardboard. I used Golden’s gel regular semi-gloss medium. I put some weights on the sandwich and let it dry. I then trim the paper, flipped it over and glued the 1/4″ hardboard strips to the back and applied a picture hanger. so when this is hung on a wall it is frame-less and stands off of the wall creating a slight shadow, looks very cool on the wall.

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