A Walk in the Woods: Finished

After and interesting, fun day of painting the students are ready to display their masterpieces. The fee for this class is all in – the only things that the student has to bring is their lunch, their apron (or dress for a mess), their smile and of course their creative enthusiasm. They of course mustContinue reading “A Walk in the Woods: Finished”

A Walk in the Woods: Almost Finished Stage

The students have made great progress on this painting. You can now really see the different creative approaches that each student has applied to their painting, particularly so when you look at their interpretation of the water.  

A Walk in the Woods: Early Stage

Even though this is a step-by-step painting with each step fully explained and demonstrated each student has the ability to exercise their creativity and make the painting their own. You will see this happening in the various stages as they each progress and learn the process of colour mixing, along with the correct handling andContinue reading “A Walk in the Woods: Early Stage”

A Walk in the Woods

This painting was selected as our November landscape class for several reasons. First off it is a great fall scene and as such makes a nice wrap-up class for our 2014 painting classes. I picked this painting deliberately to showcase the very first PBS TV program that Bob Ross did. For years his first yearContinue reading “A Walk in the Woods”

WIP Pretty in Blue (continues)

Pretty in Blue is the May Workshop here at Studio Thirty Eight. I use a 12 x 16 double primed and stretched canvas. My next stage includes: Blocking in the flowers and starting the highlights,  Adding a few more leaves, Painting in the lilacs, and Detailing a couple of buds After I’m reasonably satisfied withContinue reading “WIP Pretty in Blue (continues)”


Well here is Snow Birch finished. After preparing the black gessoed canvas, painting in the black and grey gessoed trees, and applying black to the trees to create the birch texture and look, I applied a very thin coat of Liquid Clear over the entire dry canvas. Applications of phthalo blue and cadmium yellow wereContinue reading “WIP SNOW BIRCH FINISHED”

WIP Snow Birch: Blog Post 004

Nice to be back in the studio and I have started this 16 x 20 painting called Snow Birch. This is a Bob Ross design done using the wet-on-wet oil painting technique. This painting is for the April 2013 Workshop I am holding at my Arnprior Studio. It starts with a black gessoed canvas.  The trees areContinue reading “WIP Snow Birch: Blog Post 004”