Studio Thirty Eight

Ian (DOC) Bartlett, aka dustyoldchips


Bob Ross Certified Instructor, Landscape and Florals

Joyce Ortner: International Seascape Certification.

Artist Statement:

I believe that my art is my statement. That art speaks for itself. Each individual who takes the time to properly view art will find their own narrative within the art work.

If the making of the art is the creative expression to make a concept more concrete, personalize abstractions, and affect attitudes by involving emotional as well as intellectual responses. It may well be a journey of discovery for the artist. Then I believe that the art should be a journey of discovery for the viewer, as well, and no amount of artistic verbiage, concealed in the guise of an “artist’s statement” should distract, direct or deceive the viewer.

The Artist:

Ian Bartlett is a visual artist, recreating natures’ splendour using oil, and acrylic. He has taken numerous group, private and online lessons with some of the finest artists in North America.

These instructors, along with Mother Nature, have inspired him to enhance his skills and appreciation of the medium.

Ian lives in Arnprior, Ontario and works from his studio aptly named Studio Thirty Eight. Here he works in oil and acrylic paint, and graphite.

Since our surroundings are ever changing, Ian’s images evolve and emerge to become expressions of the natural world around us.

Ian is also an active and creative woodworker, with a passion for rocking horses. Check out his work here.

Contact Information:

◦Face Book: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Studio-ThirtyEight/165142716846563

◦Blog Sites: http://www.ianbartlett.ca or http://www.myartrocks.com

◦Email: dustyoldchips@gmail.com

◦Phone: 613-623-4907

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