Chick in the Bluebells

Here is an interesting little drawing called Banty Buff Cochin & Bluebells, homage Sherry Nelson. I love this little painting and wanted to use it as a quick reference and adapt it to a new drawing experiment I wanted to try. What I have done is glued a piece of drawing paper, Canson 70lb to a 1/4″ piece of 8″ x 10″hardboard. I used Golden Soft Gel Medium to glue the paper to the board. Took out all the bubbles, protected the drawing surface, and weighted the whole thing down. The next morning the sheet was fully adhered to the board. I trimmed the paper to the board size and drew the chick and bluebells. So this is as far as I got to date and will continue working on this and let yo know my impressions of this method.

You can see in “progress 1” that I have got the drawing in place and the bluebells started.

In “progress 2” I have the Cochin chick in and the drawing almost resolved.

“Progress 3” shows the completed project with its mat. Looking good!


My thoughts on this experiment boil down to the working surface. Although I like to do these drawings with the single sheet drawing paper on the surface of a drawing board, I found that with the paper glued to the hardboard the working surface was not very flexible. It seemed much harder although I was still able to indent the paper with a stylus. Nice idea though and may lead to other things.


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