Art Workshops

I offer wet-on wet oil painting classes for small groups of students. The classes are designed to encourage a student to use all of the brushes, pallet knives, paints and materials for the class. The object is for each student to go home at the end of the day with a completed painting that they can be proud of as a demonstration of both their artistic and creative abilities.

No previous experience is necessary to take these classes. You don’t even have to be able to “draw a straight line”.

These classes are supplied with all the equipment so that all you have to do is paint and have fun.

For my classes I supply almost everything including: (for use in the class only)

– easels

– pallets

– paper towels

– wet wipes

– paint

– brushes, pallet knives

– paint thinner

– canvas

Students will need to bring just three (3) things to my classes:

1. An apron (to protect your clothes from wayward paint).

2. Your lunch (I assume you will want to eat lunch).

3. Your smile.

Try it – you will like it and then you can experience the true JOY OF PAINTING

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3 thoughts on “Art Workshops

  1. hi Ian
    Please send me information on any art workshops that you will be conducting in 2016. Hopefully I can fit my timetable around your reduced schedule. I really enjoy our painting sessions but do understand that health issues need to be addressed. You are in my prayers for the doctors to find out what the trouble is and that they can offer you a successful and effective treatment course to follow.
    Lenna Whyte

  2. Hello
    Wondering if you are still offering workshop. My 17 year old son is interested.
    If you do please for details and costs


    1. Well I don’t do classes in my own studio anymore. I am doing occasional classes at the Arnprior Library with one coming up about mid January. You can check the library’s web site to see when these classes are going to run.
      Thanks for your inquiry.


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