Sea’s Edge

Sea’s Edge was an interested and challenging painting to do. This painting is based on a Joyce Ortner instructional design packet. It is painted using oil paint on the 12 x 16 stretched Gotrick canvas.

The following photographs show the various progressive stages that I went through to finally arrive at a finished painting.



Hope you  enjoy this and glad you had a chance to Walk With Me To The Edge of the Sea

Published by dustyoldchips

I'm am artist, woodworker, carver and rocking horse craftsman.

2 thoughts on “Sea’s Edge

  1. Hi Sandra and thank you. You should note that this is NOT a Bob Ross painting nor does it use the Bob Ross technique to paint it. This is a Joyce Ortner design and I purchased her painting packet for Sea’s Edge. If you love watching Bob Ross then you will love to see Joyce paint the sea – very different but very beautiful.
    And Sandra – YES you can paint. You might even consider taking one of my classes or workshops in the new year!

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