Mountain River

This great mountain and river painting (Homage Bob Ross) is our June Landscape Class. This class is scheduled for Saturday, June 21, 2014. We host this class in our studio/classroom at Studio Thirty Eight. Class starts at 9:30 am and finishes at 3:30 pm when everyone goes home with a beautiful finished painting. We use the Bob Ross Landscape Method. Check the web site for materials and supplies BUT remember you only need three things to paint this Mountain River with me. They are:

  • Your lunch
  • Your apron (or old clothes)
  • and of course your smile

Everything you need to paint this painting in class is supplied why not give it a try. Oh! and do it soon there are only 2 seats left in this class.

To demonstrate for you how straight forward the class is I have upload a series of step-by-step photos of my own painting.

To begin this painting we prepare the canvas by applying an arched window to the canvas using contact paper. Once this is on we get right down to applying paint to the canvas.

Stage 1

1-Mountain River progress 1

I started here with the contact paper in place, painting the sky, clouds and the mountains. I had a slight problem with the adhesion of the contact paper to the canvas. We will discuss the problem and solutions in class and make this the subject of another blog post. to do a work around of the contact papers failure to cooperate, I removed it and taped the sides and bottom. Using the tape as a barrier to paint migration.

Stage 2

1-Mountain River progress 2

In this stage I have managed to create the mist, layer in the foothills, develop the distant land mass and establish the location and height of the background trees.


Stage 3

1-Mountain River progress 3

Here I have added addition detail to the tress, highlights, the bank, waterlines and reflections.

Stage 4

1-Mountain River progress 4During this stage I developed the bushes and bank on the right, painted the basecoat for the tress on the left and established the waterfall and the direction of the river.

Stage 5

1-Mountain River progress 5

Here you can see that I have developed the left side with bushes and branches. Popped in a few highlights.


Stage 6

1-Mountain River progress 6


Now in this stage we are closing in to the finished painting. Painted in the bank on the left, added highlights, Removed the tape and extended the big tree on the left over the edge of the arched frame. Some finishing details and highlights added.

Stage 7

1-Mountain River progress 7


OK so now we are near completion. I added the bird, twigs and branches and a few extra highlights.


1-Mountain River final

Just have to add my signature and I think we have a keeper. This is one you can do so check it out HERE.

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