The Zebra

Marylin, our guest instructor, is a Bob Ross Certified Wildlife Instructor. She was able to lead this great class and took Hector through all of the various stages of this great painting.

The Zebra is a Bob Ross design, done using the Bob Ross Wildlife painting technique. As you can see from the various progress photos the painting is done in straight forward, easy to follow and paint steps.

All of the under painting is done in acrylic paint on a double grey primed, 18 x 24 canvas. The eyes are painted first in acrylic and then over painted with oil paint.

The shading stage applies various grey values to the zebra using a dry brush technique.

For the final stage colour is applied to the background and the zebra to create this stunning zebra painting. The photo gallery attached to this post documents the painting process for the zebra.

Or next wildlife class is The Lion, Saturday, July 5, 2014. The details and registration information for this class are on the web site…. check out The Lion


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