I thought that my photo of the grapes on our arbor would make and interesting and challenging subject to draw. You can see the reference photo here.

Grapes 2014

The challenge with using a photo like this for me is to simplify the image. You can see this in the next series of progress photos.

In the first progress photo I have decided on what I’m going to include. This can and will change as I progress.

In the second image “Grapes in progress you can see that I have moved the drawing along and have added an extra leaf as well as 2 Eastern Tiger Swallow Tail butterflies.


As you can see in the third image (Grapes progress 1) I have advanced the drawing quite a bit to provide shape and form to the other leaf and the grapes.

Grapes progress 2 shows that I am well underway with this drawing. Added another leaf for the butterfly to perch on and have the grapes all filled in. Now I’m ready to add the finishing touches and looking forward to the completion of the grapes.

Well here it is at last, Grapes finished. I have added another photo of the finished grapes drawing with a black mat. what do you think of the black mat?

I have added two Eastern Tiger Swallow Tail butterflies and added colour to them with coloured pencil. Now I just have to spray this drawing with fixative and find a frame. NOTE: please that the trunk of the grape is not coloured brown is very black pencil burnished into the paper. I photographed this drawing on the floor and the light from the window and the incandescent light fixture seem to have reflected off or been absorbed into the black graphite giving this brown glow. Doesn’t look all that bad in brown but really it is black/black.



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