The Squirrel Class

Our squirrel class was held in August 2014, here at Studio Thirty Eight. Our guest instructor, Marylin Bolender, CRFI, CRWI, let the students through this wonderful painting adventure to create delightful painting s of the squirrel.

Who doesn’t love squirrels! This little guy/gal is going to make a wonderful addition to the painting collection of the two wonderful artists that participated in this class. Throughout this class the Bob Ross Wildlife Method was used to paint this painting. For all of the colour work we use the Bob Ross Soft Oil paint.


This painting starts with a prepared canvas which has the outline of the tree and the squirrel in place. The sky gets painted. Then it’s on to painting the squirrel and the tree in various values of greys to create the shape and form of the squirrel. The eyes are carefully developed and colour added.




The step by step paint of the squirrel continues to develop the detail of the squirrel and tree in black and white.




As this painting progress even further more details are added to the squirrel, the tree with branches and leaves painting – still using the black and white paint.



Now we are getting to the good part. Colour is added to the tree and the squirrel. The sky is developed further and clouds are painted. Lots of work on those bushy tails.



Final details are completed. Then it’s on to the detail painting of the squirrels fur, and that big bushy tail. The branches are developed further and the leaves are painted. Highlights are added to the squirrel we finish up this painting with additional details that add whiskers and eyelashes, some more highlights; and there we have it – two beautiful paintings of the squirrel.

Imagine – all of this in just One Day!

If you have doubts or think ” I couldn’t do that!” or “I can’t paint!” let me introduce you to this technique with our “step-by-step” method showing you how to use the brushes, mix the colours, and have a good time while you’re doing it!

Although this is a step-by-step method and everyone works on the same subject for their painting you can clearly see that they are quite different. This is because each student has the ability to adjust their colour mixes and make their painting unique.

Even if you have never painted before, or have some painting experience, I can teach you how to paint with oils using the simple and impressive Bob Ross “wet on wet” technique.

Each painting taught is suitable for the absolute beginner, Intermediate or advanced student.

You are guaranteed to produce a beautiful painting that you will be proud to go home with.

I invite you to check out our classes here

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