The Double Oval Stream Paint Palette

During a typical class we have to apply paint to our palette. I encourage my students to start with some paint on their palette rather then squeeze out huge amounts. I use the shape and size of a Hershey Kiss as the measure for a dob of paint we apply to our palette. We use a large palette knife and spread about half of this paint pile out onto the palette, forming a loading 1-1/2″ -2″ loading zone into which we can load paint into our various brushes.

I often joke with my students that there are extra points for palette neatness and as you can see from the following photos everyone was striving to obtain those extra points.

1-Class setup_41-class setup Ian's palette

1-Class setup_3

1-Class setup_21-Class setup_1

We do try and have a lot of fun at these classes.

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