Just Tulips Post 2

Once I am satisfied with the sketches, I photocopy them, cut them apart and start arranging them into a composition. Most likely this process goes through several iterations until I arrive at a composition that I like. This is what the final composition looks like.

Just Tulips composition sketch
Just Tulips composition sketch

Now I just have to get the composition onto the canvas. There are many ways to accomplish this. I chose a method that applies black graphite pencil to the back of the sketch. Once a good solid coat of graphite has been laid down, I flip the sketch over, tape it to the canvas in the correct position and proceed to draw over all the lines of my sketch. This process transfers the design to the canvas surface, generally with not too much of a mess. I use this technique here because I am using a light coloured beige background on the canvas and I did not want the black mess that can often accompany the use of black transfer paper. Sometimes this can be difficult to cleanup particularly on a light coloured finish background.

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