Mountain River: Class

On Saturday, June 21, 2014 we had a great class with 6 students. You can see from the progress photos that the students managed to get the contact paper applied to the canvas without any problems. Thank goodness I was able to resolve my previous problems with the adhesion of the contact paper.

What I ended up doing was to first purchase new contact paper. Although I have used many different brands including some expensive, designer type contact paper. I have one of the best is called Creative Covering Con-Tact Brand white adhesive paper made by Kittrich in the U.S.A. which I purchased at my local Walmart store.

For the oval topped template I made from my own from card stock, cut to fit a 16 x 20 canvas. I outlined the oval topped cut out on the back of the contact paper and we all cut out our ovals. I recycle lots of stuff and use the oval cut out that’s left from this cutting exercise as a palette for another painting project.

I really don’t want the paint to migrate under the edges f the contact paper so we concentrate on making sure we have a good seal all around the centre edges of the oval. In addition, we apply our liquid clear to the exposed canvas by first painting the liquid clear from the outside(beyond the edge) of the inner oval edge pulling our brushes into the centre. I’m sure this is totally necessary but I attempt to do as much as I can to maintain the sealed integrity of this inner edge.

The painting was great fun. Following the step-by-step instruction the students started painting as usual from the top to the bottom, from the back to the front and from thin paint to thick paint. The results of their progress is shown here:

We start his class a 9:30 am; break for coffee, Timbits and snacks; a 1/2 hour for lunch and finish this beautiful painting around 3:30 pm. We clean up; have a door prize draw; present certificates and have all the budding artists pose with their completed painting and certificate.

Our goal is for everyone to have fun, enjoy the painting project and process and go home with a painting they did themselves – one they can proudly display.

Did I mention that our goal is to have FUN and experience the

the joy of painting

This is a step-by-step painting process where everyone paints the same painting project. I emphasize “project’ and although the paintings look like the same scene they are all different. Each student mixes there own paint, so the colours can be quite different.

We do not draw out or trace the design; so each student locates the main elements of the design where they choose to basically reflect the original design intent.

The results are stunning; all quite different; all original and all very beautiful as you can see from the flowing photos of their finished paintings.

Looks like and you can do this as well. Want to learn more? Check out our web site for classes and take a peek at the Student Gallery.

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