Double Oval Stream

I worked on the development and painting of this painting Double Oval Stream. We are running this as a class this Saturday and I thought that it would be interesting to post the various stages that this goes to though to reach the final, finished piece of art.

Double Oval Stream_1

Step 1: set up ovals and block in background colour.



Double Oval Stream_2Step 2: block in dark shapes for trees and begin highlights.





Double Oval Stream_3Step 3: continue highlighting trees for both ovals. Add rocks and reflections in water.




Double Oval Stream_4Step 4: add background block in colour for bushes at bottom of painting and add highlights.






Double Oval Stream_6Step 5: remove the contact paper, apply the dark under colour to the bushes between the ovals; add highlights.



Double Oval Stream_7Step 6: use the palette knife and a dark colour to create land beneath the bushes; highlight the land.




Double Oval Stream_9

Step 7: be brave – paint in 2 big trees in the space between the ovals; highlight the trees.



Double Oval Stream_10


Step 8: paint branches, sticks and twigs.


Double Oval Stream_11

Step 9: paint the dark under colour for the leaves on the 2 trees.



Double Oval Stream_FinishedStep 10: highlight the leaves areas and there you have it the finished paint – Double Oval Stream.

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