Battle of the Canvas

The Renfrew Art Guild held their first Battle of the Canvas paint-off in conjunction with the Art in the Park art show and sale.

Ten competitors were group into 2 groups painting both Saturday and Sunday. Each artist was required to paint a 16 x 20 pre-stretched canvas in twenty minutes. They could paint any subject of their choice without the use of any reference material. Each artist set up their paint and brushes prior to the official countdown. They were surrounded with a host of enthusiastic onlookers, who assisted with the countdown and cheered on the painters as they furiously, set about creating their 20 minute masterpiece. When the 20-minute whistle blew, the newly created paintings were put on display for all Art in the Park visitors for vote for their favourite painting. The painting with the most votes was declared the winner of the Battle of the Canvas.


Through the silent auction everyone had a chance to palace a bid to purchase a painting. In the end there were 20 paintings in the silent auction and I believe that they all received a bid.


On Saturday I painted a mountain scene and this painting was sold.

Ian's Day 1 painting
Ian’s Day 1 painting

On Sunday I painted a floral painting with three poppies. This painting also sold.

This is Ian's day 2 painting
This is Ian’s day 2 painting


The shocking news, at least for me, was that at the end of the day on Sunday I was declared the winner of the Battle of the Canvas 2014. So I now have a nice gift certificate to buy more paint.

Thank you to Donohue Art and Framing
Thank you to Donohue Art and Framing


A special thanks to the organizers of the Art in the Park and to all of those involved with organizing the Battle of the Canvas. This was a busy show with lots of visitors and the Battle of the Canvas was great fun for the artists and the spectators.

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