Sea’s Edge

Sea’s Edge was an interested and challenging painting to do. This painting is based on a Joyce Ortner instructional design packet. It is painted using oil paint on the 12 x 16 stretched Gotrick canvas. The following photographs show the various progressive stages that I went through to finally arrive at a finished painting.  Continue reading “Sea’s Edge”

Painting Magic

  I had the pleasure of doing a hands on oil painting demonstration for the Renfrew Art Guild at their monthly meeting Tuesday, November 4, 2104. The purpose of the demo was to show the use of the Bob Ross medium (liquid clear) on a black canvas and the application of transparent oil paint toContinue reading “Painting Magic”


  PRESENTS LANDSCAPE BASICS: AN OIL PAINTING WORKSHOP This is a five week one day per week oil painting workshop providing instruction on the techniques for painting the elements of a landscape in oil paint. The workshop is suitable for all levels of artistic experience. DATES: Friday, October 10 to Friday, November 7, 2014 INSTRUCTOR:Continue reading “LANDSCAPE BASICS: AN OIL PAINTING WORKSHOP”