The Wolf

 THE WOLF with guest artist Marylin Bolender, CRFI, CRWI Saturday, May 10, 2014 Check out our other classes This is a really interesting painting to do with several techniques and material applications. We want you to be able to focus on the painting of the Wolf so we will have prepared the 18″ x 24″Continue reading “The Wolf”

Secrets of Painting Mountains

There really are no secrets to painting mountains. In actual fact they are fairly straight forward once you understand the basic concepts. Painting mountains with the wet-on-wet oil painting technique requires: .1 That you determine the location on the canvas for your mountain and if you like you can sketch in an outline of theContinue reading “Secrets of Painting Mountains”

Wallack’s Art Supplies New Instructor

After an extensive interview with the education manager at the Wallack’s store, I am now the new Certified Bob Ross instructor for Wallack’s Art Supplies, Bells Corners, Ottawa, ON. This position became available with what I understand to be the retirement of the previous instructor. This is a great opportunity for me to bring aContinue reading “Wallack’s Art Supplies New Instructor”