Have you always wanted to paint wildlife, birds and landscapes but never had good enough Reference Photos to paint from? Getting good photo references for your art can sometimes be difficult either because: You don’t have a good enough camera or all the knowledge to use the one you have You don’t live inContinue reading “3 BEST PHOTO REFERENCE SITES FOR ARTISTS”

Let’s Talk White

OK so let’s talk about white. This might overwhelm you at first glance but read on…! The Bob Ross white paint is a Titanium white. Titanium white can be found in every brand of paint. That being said they are not all the same. White is a “cool” opaque colour, and like all paint comesContinue reading “Let’s Talk White”

Rose Heart

Rose Heart is a delightful, easy to do painting and just in time for Valentine’s Day. This is our first class for 2015 and you can see this class here along with our other classes. You can also see the description and registration information for this class here. This painting is done on a black gessoedContinue reading “Rose Heart”


  PRESENTS LANDSCAPE BASICS: AN OIL PAINTING WORKSHOP This is a five week one day per week oil painting workshop providing instruction on the techniques for painting the elements of a landscape in oil paint. The workshop is suitable for all levels of artistic experience. DATES: Friday, October 10 to Friday, November 7, 2014 INSTRUCTOR:Continue reading “LANDSCAPE BASICS: AN OIL PAINTING WORKSHOP”