Rose Heart

1-Rose Heart 3 finished

Rose Heart is a delightful, easy to do painting and just in time for Valentine’s Day. This is our first class for 2015 and you can see this class here along with our other classes. You can also see the description and registration information for this class here.

This painting is done on a black gessoed canvas. I generally apply 2 coats of good quality black gesso to the canvas. I also do all the edges regardless of the canvas size. Some students don’t like to frame their paintings so the black painted edge completes the painting without a raw canvas edge. I often use a floating frame and as you can see from this photo there is a space between the frame and the painting – so the edge of the painting can be seen. When this edge is painted black it melds with the frame.floating frame


We use an old piece of lace with a flower pattern for the background. We spray paint the lace and dispose of it when we are done. So it should not be one of grandma’s best linens.

The lace is sized larger than the canvas so I can wrap it around the edges of the canvas and tape it to the back. Once in place and stretched tight I apply a heart cut out of card stock, locate and stick it with tape to the canvas/lace. With the canvas hung on the wall vertically I spray paint it with Liquitex Professional Spray Paint. One light quick coat following the instructions on the can. I use the colour “unbleached titanium”. This stuff is very low order but I still recommend spraying outside or in the garage. It dries in less than 10 minutes so I took the heart cut out and the lace off right away. You can see the result here.

1-Rose Heart 1

Different lace patterns will produce different effects. In the photo “rose heart 4” you see a different lace pattern and the faded effect. The faded/blurred effect resulted when the lace was not taped down and stretched tight. So some spray creeps under the lace making for an interesting effect.

1-Rose Heart 4
Rose Heart 4



Here we have the progress photos of the painting. This is a straight forward and fun painting to do. It is going to make a great Valentine’s Day gift.


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