A Walk in the Woods: Finished

After and interesting, fun day of painting the students are ready to display their masterpieces. The fee for this class is all in – the only things that the student has to bring is their lunch, their apron (or dress for a mess), their smile and of course their creative enthusiasm. They of course must be prepared to have fun. Each class is much more than just the painting of a painting.

At the end of the class, each student is awarded a certificate upon the completion of the painting and as you can see from the photos that follow they are all proud of their painting accomplishment.


Thanks ladies it was a wonderful day. I enjoyed your company and the privilege of teaching this painting. A quote I found recently, Qui Docit Dicit (he who teaches learns) certainly applies to each class I teach. So thank you all as I have learned so much from you this day.

Published by dustyoldchips

I'm am artist, woodworker, carver and rocking horse craftsman.

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