The Wolf


Our first wildlife class, taught by guest instructor Marylin Bolender was a big hit. Marylin is a Certified Bob Ross instructor in the Wildlife technique.

Three students who spent the day, under Marylin’s guidance, working through the details of eyes, body shadows and colour, to paint very nice portraits of the wolf.

The wolf was painted using the Bob Ross Wildlife Method which requires the painting to be done in several stages, the eyes, the under painting, the application of colour and final details and signature.



Of course with any wildlife the eyes are extremely important. They need to be accurate, detailed and clear to capture a glimpse into its soul. Marylin had the students painting step by step a work sheet for the eyes.


You can see here how hard the students are focused on painting the wolf’s eyes. These are first done in black and white acrylic paint.



The next stage is done using black and white acrylic paint to define the light and dark shadow areas and capture the deep dark areas. Value graduations are achieved using dry brush techniques.



The next to final stage requires the application of colour using the Bob Ross soft oil paints.

The students paint in the background. The background is important to set the mood of the painting

Using the oil paint the eyes are painted along with the nose and finally the fur, whiskers and eye lashes.



This final stage requires careful study of the project to refine details, adjust contrast and values and finally the addition of the signature. Here they are and you can see additional class photos in the Studio Thirty Eight Student Gallery


If you find this interesting and would like to try this wildlife technique then check out our June classes and the Zebra project.


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