Volunteer Certificate

It is amazing sometimes how time can fly by. I was somewhat surprised to learn that I had been a member of Construction Specifications Canada http://www.csc-dcc.ca/  for 45 years. That’s 45 years of volunteer membership with this construction related association.

CSC 45 year cerrtificate (2)







Part their mission statement reads as follows:

CSC (Construction Specifications Canada)  is a national multi-disciplinary, non-profit association with chapters across Canada. CSC is committed to ongoing development and delivery of quality education programs, publications and services for the betterment of the construction community.

During this 45 years of volunteer service I had the pleasure of serving the association at both the chapter and the national level.

As a member of the Ottawa Chapter http://www.cscottawa.ca/ I served in every capacity including Chapter Chair and Chapter Director. Working as the volunteer Chapter Education Officer was very rewarding and memorable.

At the National level I was proud to contribute to several important association programs. During my tenure as Chair of the Technical Studies committee I was rewarded with a hard working team who wrote, reviewed and published make important technical publications. The committee held their meetings in various Canadian cities in order to bring the technical document development process closer to the Chapter members in the various cities.

One of the things I was really interested in was becoming a Registered Specification Writer and after much study I wrote and passed the RSW exam and became a Registered Specification Writer in 1982.

Service on the Executive Council as ascending Vice President is an honour bestowed on the individual elected by his CSC peers. It is also a significant responsibility and time commitment. The process looks like this:


1st Vice President

2nd Vice President

3rd Vice President

4th Vice President

Past President/ Registrar

I had the pleasure to elected to the 4th Vice President and spent 6 years ascending through the various Vice President level to eventually serve the Association as President in 1990/91.

I was elected to the CSC College of Fellows in 1992 and received a Life Membership, the highest honour that the Association awards its members.

All in all it has been a rich, rewarding 45 year journey that has allowed me to travel across Canada and to many cities in the United States, to meet a great number of people and make a huge number of acquaintances and friends.

It has been an enriching and fulfilling pleasure to serve this Association for the past 45 years.

Thank you CSC

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