WIP Pretty in Blue

Pretty in Blue is the May Workshop here at Studio Thirty Eight. I use a 12 x 16 double primed and stretched canvas. I determine the centre point of my canvas as well as the 1/3 points. Keeping these critical compositional points in mind I loosely sketch in the 3 flowers. I map them out very freehand to determine:

  • Approximate size,
  •  Shape,
  •  Relationship to each,
  •  Opportunities for overlap, and
  •  Locations of negative space.
Pretty in Blue (a start)
Pretty in Blue (a start)

With the done I can then choose my colour hues, and values, and decide on the direction and source of the light. At this juncture I also decide on the underpaint colours, the petal colours and the highlight colours.

I prepare the background by painting all the canvas area beyond the sketched flowers with titanium white. On top of this is painted touches of cadmium yellow, turquoise, and mauve. These colours are blended softly into the white background just enough to tint the background.

I always like to block in and paint the items in the background first. So I base coat the areas for the leaves and the lilacs. These are painted with care and right up to the sketched edges of the flowers.

As you can this in the photo of this painting I have already started to block in the first flower.

Pretty in Blue (progressing)
Pretty in Blue (progressing)

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I'm am artist, woodworker, carver and rocking horse craftsman.

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