Resetting the Studio: Blog Post 003

I took me awhile to get the basement classroom/studio sorted out. I had Lynn’s help and started by folding up all the tables and setting up my painting station.

Prior to doing this I had to figure out how to get me, my cast and crutches downstairs. I got no instruction on the use of the crutches from the hospital but between Lynn and I we managed to figure out a way to get me downstairs. I wasn’t prepared to hop down the stairs on the crutches so opted for the butt method taking one stair at a time but a least I got to the bottom safe.

Once downstairs I wanted mobility to be able to zip back and forth for brushes, paint, etc. and to accommodate this Lynn loaned me one of the office rolling chairs she had in the sewing room.

Ian painting 1 Ian painting 2 Ian painting 3

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I'm am artist, woodworker, carver and rocking horse craftsman.

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