The Fall: Blog Post 002

My frist cast
My frist cast

What a terrible start to the Christmas season. As many may have heard I started December by falling down the basement stairs and breaking my right ankle. This had to happen, of course, 2 days prior to our departure to Florida and the start of our 4 month snowbird get-a-way. Being that it is the right ankle I cannot drive and my wife, Lynn cannot drive at night and because of her bad eyes can only drive for 2 hours at a time. So cancelled our trip and Florida escape. Recovering and learning to walk with crutches has been a treat. I am healing and have had my semi-walking cast on for a week with one more week to go. At which time I’m hoping for good results and a full walking cast.

I can now go out for coffee, do my banking and check my lottery ticket. As well I have been able to negotiate the stairs to the basement – sliding down tread by tread on my butt. But at least I got to my basement classroom and art studio.

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